Step-by-step process to study in Canada/USA

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How can you attend?

This event is free for those who are ready to study in North



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Here is a list of reasons that should convince you to register today:

• You want to ask questions & hear directly from Canada/USA University


• You want to learn more about tuition fees and discounts.

• You don’t want your study visa application rejected.

• You want to learn more about the 1-3 years post-study work permit.

• You want free assistance with your application.

Event Details

Date: 24TH JAN - 29TH JAN, 2022

Venue: Microsoft Teams App (Download now)


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*P.S. The average tuition fee for Undergraduates is a minimum of $20,000 –

$35,000 per year (Approximately N6.5M – N11.4M) and a minimum of

$31,000 (Approximately N10M) for Post-graduates.

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